Why Select serve and file Process Server

Here at Select Serve and File we believe that our clients are our best salesman and for that reason Select Serve and File provides personal attention to all the requirement as per clients needs. Our team provides personal attention to your matter. Our team is prompt, efficient, and courteous professional towards all our clients. We value your time and money. Whether a client requires Process Service, Court Filings, Skip Tracing, Document Retrievals, etc., Select Serve and File Process Server will perform it accordingly.


1) Some of our strengths are Reliability, Team Work, Fast, Unbeatable Process Servers.
2) Our Team of professionals are here to help you with the process serving challenges.
3) We don’t take Process Server as a profession, We take it as a passion.
4) No false hopes: Select Serve and File Process Server never gives wrong commitment to their clients and the idea of this company is to provide best services to the clientage.